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In the age of mass media focused on reporting the details which keep viewers attention, and niche media spreading information without regard for facts, The People are left without a comprehensive resource which provides the whole picture, or at least a balanaced correction of the corrupted "truth".  The resulting truth is superficial, the top layer, the tip of the iceberg.

We are people with jobs, families, and time consuming responsibilities which diminish our ability to research and determine the truth amongst all the reporting. The hope of this endeavor is to collect opinions supported by facts and evidence which will paint a larger more honest picture of a subject.

Through crowdsourcing and aggrigation we’ll look beneath the superficial truth and expose the whole truth.

The Whole Truth

Below you can read the Original Superficial Truth, a link to the Dialogue, Facts & Evidence and Whole Truth

Superficial Truth #1

"Planned Parenthood should be federally defunded because they're an abortion clinic."

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Whole Truth

This statement is comprised of both a Subjective and Objective element.

Beginning with the Objective portion, “Planned Parenthood … they’re an abortion clinic”, is true but misleading as more than 87% of their work is not abortions. It’s reasonable to expect an entity would conduct more than 50% of a specific job to be labeled X. The data provided in this debate claimed 3% to 94% of Planned Parenthood’s works are abortions. However the data finally agreed that “if the number of abortions performed is divided by the total number of people served (2.7 million), that would mean roughly 12(.5) percent of clients received an abortion.” Therefore Planned Parenthood is not an abortion clinic, but rather a Reproductive Health clinic that offers an abortion service. To illustrate this further, it would be the same as saying Banfield Pet Hospital is a Pet Euthanasia Facility, when more accurately it would be described as a Veterinary Office that offers a euthanasia service.

The subjective portion of the statement “should be federally defunded” revolves around the ongoing debate on the humanity of abortion, rather than the legality of the federal government to fund them. Current law does not prohibit the federal government from funding Planned Parenthood and similar Healthcare facilities. It should be noted that Planned Parenthood does not apply for funding for abortion services, but rather the other 87.5% of services. Lastly, once those funds are given to the organization it’s impossible to know how those specific dollars are spent.

Superficial Truth #2

"Middle Eastern people (Muslims) are fundamentally different then Westerners (Christians)."

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Whole Truth

Data Under Collection

Superficial Truth #3

"Medical insurance is a Right."

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Whole Truth

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